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Is It Advisable To Sleep With Your Dentures?

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Dentures offer a lot of advantages to people who have lost their natural teeth. They help you chew properly, speak confidently and smile broadly. But is it good to sleep with your dentures? This is a common doubt faced by many who wear dentures. We can help you in solving this doubt. Burke Mountain Denture Clinic is committed to provide high-quality dental care by offering an inviting, comfortable and stress-free atmosphere. Whether you need immediate dentures after teeth extraction, emergency denture care or partial dentures, we offer all the services you are looking for.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Dentures Continuously wearing dentures can cause bone loss in your jaw and badly affect the fit of your dentures. Tooth loss naturally leads to bone loss as the bone doesn’t receive the stimulation needed for teeth while chewing. Dentures cannot transmit the same level of stimulus as natural teeth. Moreover, the pressure placed on the underlying bony ridges and gums can worsen bone loss. Taking out dentures at night can help relieve this gum pressure. Also, dentures can become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, leading to irritation, various diseases and unpleasant mouth odour. Removing dentures at night helps prevent all these issues. People who sleep with dentures are more likely to develop oral yeast or gum infections. Oral Care While Wearing Dentures It’s important to take out your dentures at night and follow a good oral hygiene routine. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Rinse your dentures after eating food

  • Clean your dentures with a denture brush and antibacterial soap or denture cleanser

  • Keep your dentures in water or an antibacterial solution

  • Brush your tongue and gums every day

  • Rinse your dentures before you wear them

Looking for Denture Services? Burke Mountain Denture Clinic provides everything from partial and complete dentures to emergency denture repairs. Our staff is experienced and fully trained to professionally assist you. We can also provide you with denture care tips to be followed after the procedure. Call us to learn how we can help you with your dental care.


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