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Highly Recommended Denture Clinic

“In February 2018 I had my implant dentures done at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic in Port Coquitlam by Rav. I was impressed with the procedure details and amount of time it took while getting my implants. My new implant dentures were ready on time as promised and they fit perfect. Rav has done wonderful work and assisted throughout the procedure from start to finish. I enjoy wearing my new implant dentures which are a perfect fit just as if they were my real teeth. I highly recommend implant dentures for anybody planning to get them, worth every cent. Thanks to Dr. Bernard Jin who did super job with the implants and Rav who did the dentures at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic. Thanks to both!”

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 -  Nazmudin S.

Took the Time to Get It Right

“I would like to thank the staff and my denturist Rav Lyall for all the time he has spent giving me new dentures as I was not happy with my old ones that were made somewhere else. I went back a few times to get the right fit and bite, and Rav spent a lot of time with me to get it right. He had a lot of patience and explained how your dentures are.

Thank you so much. I would recommend Burke Mountain Denture to anyone.”

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 -  R. P.

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Polite & Professional Dentist
I had a replacement upper partial denture done by Rav. Prior to going to him my dentist tried however it made me speak with a lisp. Since that did not work out for me I decided to try a denturist and the outcome of that was much worst. I spoke with a lisp and the dentures made my gums hurt. They were so uncomfortable I went back to her to let her know however she told me I had to get use to it. I did not want to get use to it so I requested a refund which she honoured.

My dentist gave me a referral to Burke Mountain Dentures and I was introduced to Rav. He listened to my concerns I had from my 2 previous fittings. I told him my current dentures are comfortable however they are old and need replacing. Rav is a perfectionist and made sure my new dentures fit nicely and were comfortable. They are so comfortable I don't even know I am wearing dentures.

If you are looking for someone to make you dentures Rav is the person for you. He addresses all your concerns.  He listens, he is polite, he is kind and his is so professional. He won't let you leave the office unless your dentures fit and are comfortable.

Thank you Rav.

- Betty Y.

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