Highly Recommended Denture Clinic

“In February 2018 I had my implant dentures done at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic in Port Coquitlam by Rav. I was impressed with the procedure details and amount of time it took while getting my implants. My new implant dentures were ready on time as promised and they fit perfect. Rav has done wonderful work and assisted throughout the procedure from start to finish. I enjoy wearing my new implant dentures which are a perfect fit just as if they were my real teeth. I highly recommend implant dentures for anybody planning to get them, worth every cent. Thanks to Dr. Bernard Jin who did super job with the implants and Rav who did the dentures at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic. Thanks to both!”

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 -  Nazmudin S.

Took the Time to Get It Right

“I would like to thank the staff and my denturist Rav Lyall for all the time he has spent giving me new dentures as I was not happy with my old ones that were made somewhere else. I went back a few times to get the right fit and bite, and Rav spent a lot of time with me to get it right. He had a lot of patience and explained how your dentures are.

Thank you so much. I would recommend Burke Mountain Denture to anyone.”

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 -  R. P.

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Easy, Fun, and Painless

“It's been almost 50 years since I've needed new dentures. The professionals at Burke Mountain Denture made the transition easy, fun, and painless. These people only want you to be satisfied and won't rest until everything is perfect.”

- Arthur H.

Patient and Helpful

“Rav led me through the process of preparing for dentures and made it much easier than I had thought that it would be. He was patient and helpful with my questions and helped to explain my options in such a way as to make my decisions easier. I have been very satisfied with the result and have recommended him to friends.”

- Jim T.

Sensitive to My Needs

“I first met Rav when I needed an emergency repair on my denture and he agreed to go into his office to help me out. I did not have a relationship with a regular denture clinic. Due to a past history of trauma related to a dental office I have been very phobic about being treated at all, let alone by a male. My experience with Rav was positive. I explained my issue to him and he has always been respectful, remembered what I needed to be able to stay in the chair (e.g. warnings about when he was going to move me), and provided me with the opportunity to have proper denture care because I have been able to see him regularly. Rav has a good working relationship with my family dentist and they collaborate to ensure that I get the best possible service. I recommended Rav and the Burke Mountain Denture clinic to my husband and he has been going there for some time now, as well. I have no reservations about recommending him.”

- S. L.

Professional Advice With No Pressure

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Rav since he first opened his business in this location. Rav strives to develop a personal relationship with his customers rather than simply a supplier/customer-based relationship. He takes a genuine interest in his clients and shares personal stories that allow his clients to feel they have a real relationship with him. Throughout the time I have been dealing with Rav he has kept me informed regarding the latest advancements in denture technology, including implant surgery, which I recently completed. At no time did I feel that I was being pressured to make given decisions, but was provided with the necessary information that would allow me to make well thought-out decisions. Rav and his staff (Maureen) dealt with my insurance providers to ensure that I received the best possible treatment at a cost that was acceptable to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Rav to any prospective clients and look forward to continuing to do business with Rav in the future.”

- G. L.

Highly Recommended

“I have seen several dental professionals over the last 2 years concerning ill-fitting dentures with implants; I decided to go to Rav to assess the problems. Thanks to his excellent work and service, Rav was able to fix all of the issues I had. I am delighted with his work and would highly recommend him for any denture service, especially any dentures over implants. Thanks Rav!”

- M. Mc.

He Gave Me My Smile Back

“When I first came to Rav's office, I was scared at the thought of losing my teeth. Rav assured me it was going to be okay and he was right – he gave me my smile back! He does not pressure you into anything you don't want. He listened to me and what I wanted; for example: no metal in my mouth.”

- Vicki B.

Prompt & Courteous Service

“I found Rav's service excellent. He is caring and efficient. Anytime I had a problem, I got prompt, courteous service. I would certainly recommend Rav and I certainly will be back for future service if I have any problems. The dentures are comfortable and I have no problems eating. It’s like having new teeth. I am very happy and satisfied with the dentures and the service.”

- Eleanor M.

Going to Great Lengths

“I felt at home with Mr. Lyall on my first visit some years ago. He seemed willing to go to any lengths to do a really good job and explain anything I needed to know. Nothing was too much trouble for him. I intend on using his services as long as I need dentures and that could be a long time. I would recommend his professional and friendly service to anyone.”

- P. T.

Great Fit and Good Looks

“Thanks so much for my new partial plate. It fits well, looks good, and should last me many years. I appreciate your attention to detail and prompt service. I will definitely recommend your services. Again, thanks Rav!”

- R. J.

No Hassle Adjustments

“Service is quick, personal and professional. Rav takes an interest in fit and comfort of dentures. If adjustments are needed, no problem, just call.”

- G. G.

Exceptional Care From the First Visit

“As a client of Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, I am happy to say that my experience with the staff has been exceptional. From my first encounter, the office atmosphere was friendly and pleasant. The denturist took his time & clearly explained the steps of my proposed denture treatment & answered any questions or concerns that I had. Following that, my work proceeded in a timely fashion & my dentures were ready within the time promised. I have never had any problems getting an appointment quickly & follow-up visits are always booked for me. Also, I must mention that I am extremely happy with the way my dentures fit, plus all my friends & family are impressed. And, I was able to adapt to my dentures with minimal discomfort, because of the very conscientious & clear manner in which he instructed me in regards to gum & denture care at home. I will not hesitate to recommend the Burke Mountain Denture Clinic to anyone & look forward to continued exemplary service.”

- Bennett A.

Never a Problem Getting an Appointment

“I want to thank you for making my ordeal of getting new dentures so pleasant. I was very pleased that you always showed complete confidence in yourself and your dedication to your work and never once made me feel that you were rushing with me. I was always made to feel that I was the most important person. This is a quality that is very hard to find in any professional. The atmosphere in the office was always relaxed, warm and friendly. I was amazed at the time spent with me, the questions asked by you and also the explanations you gave for what you were doing. I also found your instruction to me on how to take care of my dentures and mouth to be very informative. I have never had a problem getting appointments quickly for any follow-up adjustments. I will be very glad to recommend you to my family and friends. I hope you never lose the ability to make your clients feel as comfortable as I did. Thanks again.”

- Bev K.

Caring and Friendly Staff

“From the first and following visits set by his caring and friendly staff, to entering an interesting and comfortable reception area, then finding a real person such as Rav Lyall, RD was a new, unexpected experience. Everyone, young or elderly, requiring every type of denture treatment can expect to receive the same professional, individual and truly most kind attention as I. Absolutely marvelous!”

- J. S.

The Best Fit I’ve Worn

“Having worn numerous pairs of dentures over the past 30+ years, my latest are the best fit with the least amount of adjustment.”

- B.R.

Excellent Follow-up

“Rav does excellent work with great follow-up. I would recommend him to anyone.”

- J. S.

A Comfortable Experience

“Rav makes getting dentures a comfortable experience. He does not stop working with you until you are happy with the fit and appearance of your new “smile." Thanks, Rav.”

- Sheila F.

Happy With the Outcome

“I am so happy with the outcome. It has been a great and pleasant experience.”

- Helen S.

Excellent Treatment

“Pleased that I went to Rav. Treatment was excellent and staff, as well as Rav, was very pleasant. I would recommend him to my friends.”

- Gloria K.

Dedicated to Patient Care

“Realizing it was time to replace my dentures, I made an appointment with R.D. Rav Lyall for a consult. He was very patient and carefully listened to my concerns and my needs. After some further thought and after being fully examined by Rav, and listening to his recommendations, I decided to have a fixed new lower denture and a regular upper denture. It involved a high degree of skill on Rav’s part, over a lengthy period of time, but I always felt that this was a project that Rav was invested in all the way to successful completion. Over that time, I got to know a little of him and his family and he about me and my family, which was comforting and made it a little more personal for me. In the follow up, when I thought it could not get better, Rav made some small adjustments and it was even better than before. He is a very dedicated individual to his patients and I can assure you that if you choose him for your denture work, you will not be disappointed. It is the best decision I have ever made for my denture work.”

- L. W.

Many Compliments!

“Rav Lyall made my dentures recently and I am very satisfied. They are comfortable and great looking. I have been getting compliments ever since I received them. I would recommend him!”

- M. S.

Exceptional Service for a Super Senior

“Our 100 year old mother required denture replacement 10 years after her initial dentures were fitted by Rav Lyall. He provided excellent care from consultation to follow-up. He was extremely patient with our mother and provided detailed and outstanding advice. Mother is thrilled with her new dentures especially when Rav personalized her dentures with her name so there would be no mix-ups at her care facility. We are truly grateful to Rav Lyall and recommend everyone with older loved ones to visit him for top-of-the-line denture care.”

- MW, ME

Quality Care and Professional Services

“I usually don't write reviews but I wanted to recommend "Burke Mountain Denture Clinic" to others because I appreciated the quality care and professional service I received. I am a young denture wearer and I was struggling to accept my new reality. With the help of Rav Lyall and his staff I was able to make the transition with ease. I feel confident wearing my dentures because they look so natural. Rav made a number of adjustments until I was comfortable with the fit of the dentures so I didn't encounter any pain or trouble with ill-fitting dentures. The staff all went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, cared for and seen as a person. Thank you Burke Mountain Denture Clinic for being there for me!”

- Sue

Professional and Prompt

“It was my pleasure to walk into Burke Mountain Denture. I was from a different province knowing no one and with a broken front plate. I needed a complete set of dentures and I needed them quickly. Rav, the denturist I met, was exactly what I needed. He fit me in ASAP and started to work. He is a consummate professional and put my concerns to rest immediately. Within weeks, I had a new set of dentures that fit better than any I had before, and I’ve had many sets. He explained why my previous set did not work anymore and why it continued to break frequently. Other denturists merely replaced the tooth, charged me $100 only to have it break a few months later. Rav is friendly, well qualified and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a real professional to work on their dentures. He is an exemplary individual in his field.”

- Leon K.

Great Experience

“This has been a great experience and the service was outstanding. A very caring clinic with helping staff. My dentist Jude was great to work with. He was always extremely professional. Excellent clinic. Highly recommended.”

- Tim F.

Very Considerate About Our Feelings

“I first want to mention that R.D. Rav Lyall is very considerate of the feeling of his clients, as being toothless makes you vulnerable emotionally. R.D. Rav Lyall is conscientious when he explains the steps of denture treatment. He is prompt to get you an appointment; he is meticulous and timely in completing his work; he follows up and gives clear instructions for denture care at home. At Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, I was always welcomed with friendly greetings. My experience was most positive at the clinic and I would recommend R.D. Rav Lyall without hesitation.”

- Pauline

Friendly Staff

“Burke Mountain Denture Clinic Inc was the best choice for me, after comparing other clinics. A friendly staff and a very good explanation of the process. My new dentures for good, feels good and looks good. I would recommend them to others and if the need came up I would use their services again.”

- P. Sandstra

Fast and Efficient

“Very good services in every-way. Emergency care was fast and efficient. Excellent products. No complaints.”

- K. Wasyluk

Pleasant & Professional

“When I first came to Burke Mountain Denture Clinic for replacements, I met Rav Lyall. He was very pleasant and listened to why I thought I needed replacements. He explained the implants procedure. He was very knowledgeable and I am glad I decided to get it. I can now chew properly and not be afraid to smile so his service added great value. It was easy to do business with him and I was always able to book appointments. I would definitely recommend his service.”

- Ruel P.

Ultimate Care & Attention to Patients

“I was recently fitted with new dentures and I was impressed with the care and attention I received from Jude Grace. I am very happy with my dentures and would highly recommend Burke Mountain Denture Clinic.”

- P. Micozzi

Trusted Dental Services

“My experience with Mr. Lyall has been incredible. He is very easy to talk to, listens and has your best interest at heart! I had two implants in my lower jaw in which my full lower denture is now secured. The difference is like day and night, I love it! I was referred by my dental surgeon Dr. Michael Henry(who is amazing and has an excellent team behind him.) I went back several times during this journey for adjustments which he seemed to know exactly what was necessary. He made my appointments at times that were convenient for myself and my work schedule. I would recommend Mr. Lyall to friends and family in a heartbeat. I am hoping to have my upper denture done in the future and know where I will be going. Doin the main receptionist has also been great to deal with.”

- N. Rascher

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