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Effective Immediate Dentures Services in Port Coquitlam

Are you looking for an effective solution for teeth loss? Burke Mountain Denture Clinic offers immediate dentures in Port Coquitlam and surrounding areas. If you’re having your tooth or some of your teeth extracted, immediate denture helps make the dental transition process smoother for the patient. Immediate dentures are not a permanent solution for your oral problems, but they have many social and physiological advantages. If you have any questions and queries regarding dentures and tooth extraction, we’ll be happy to answer them all. Request a free consultation on immediate dentures in Surrey today.

How Can We Make Your Dental Transition Process Smoother?

The process of getting immediate dentures starts from taking your teeth and bite impression to making a model of your teeth and extracting the teeth and immediately replacing it with the dentures. Our top-notch denturist will then schedule a follow-up appointment to check your immediate dentures, and later necessary adjustments will be made. Any form of discomfort or pain experienced can be managed with medication. We will even teach you the way to remove or put your immediate denture on your own. If you would like to schedule your first immediate denture process in Port Coquitlam, BC, please contact us.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures


The patient can mingle with people without any social anxiety.
He/ she can carry out their daily activities without interruption.
Dentures act as splints and control bleeding and swelling.
They fill up the noticeable gap in your smile.
They are easy to adjust and can be fitted according to comfort.
They prevent possible TMJ (Temporomandibular Joints) disorders.
They reduce pain and prevent irritation.

Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures


In the beginning, you have to visit the clinic more often for adjustments.
They are not a permanent solution.
Initially, they have less accuracy.
The actual size of the dentures cannot be assessed until they are inserted.

Caring for Your Immediate Dentures


Take pain medication as directed instead of waiting until you’re in pain. You can also apply an ice pack over the area during the first few hours to relieve any discomfort.

During the first two to three days, minor bleeding is normal. The pressure from the denture will stop the bleeding if you close your teeth securely for ten minutes. If you experience excessive bleeding, contact our team right away.

Keep the rest of your mouth and remaining natural teeth clean as possible as it can aid the healing process.

Avoid spitting and using mouthwash during the first 24 hours.

We are always available with more information to help care for your dentures. Call Burke Mountain Denture Clinic for emergency or after-hour services and book your appointment to enhance your smile with immediate dentures in Port Coquitlam!

Because immediate dentures are placed right after the extraction, taking all the necessary steps to care for your gums while they heal is vital. Here at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, we will thoroughly explain the aftercare tips required following the procedure. Here are some general points to keep in mind:

Let’s Start with a Dental Consultation Today

Explore your options for improved oral appearance and function with our immediate dentures in Port Coquitlam, BC.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Great Job, Well Done

“I would like too make a shout out to Burke Mountain Denture. They have gone out of their way and beyond. During this pandemic they made my mother dentures! Such a great job, well done! These are precession dentures. She had surgery last year. Added bone as it was deteriorated over time. As the Dentures were never made correct in the first place. Let me just say this is the first time she has ever had the best fitting dentures ever. So this means that they have gone out of their way to make the precise job. I have never seen the Dentures to use measuring devices as I've seen him perform. You won't be well impressed with the Precision dentures that you will receive from Burke Mountain denture. All I can say is my mother is well well impressed with his overall outcome and she will definitely be back.”

-Jamie S.

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