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Complete Denture Solutions in Port Coquitlam 

Experience unparalleled denture craftsmanship at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic. Our complete dentures are not just tailored; they're a masterpiece. Focusing on fit, function, durability, and aesthetics, we use premier materials and innovative methods to redefine your denture experience in Port Coquitlam. Elevate your smile journey with us. Book your consultation now. 

Understanding Complete Dentures 

Complete dentures are the ultimate solution for replacing an entire set of missing teeth. Designed to mirror natural teeth in appearance and function, they provide a full oral function, whether teeth loss is due to aging, accidents, or other reasons. Regain your smile and elevate your quality of life with our tailored solutions. 

Crafting Your Complete Dentures 

At Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, our experienced team is dedicated to providing dentures that not only fit seamlessly but also enhance your overall appearance. From your first consultation to final tweaks, we're committed to delivering a smile that feels and looks natural. 


Quality is non-negotiable. Our dentures meet the gold standards of BPS Premium (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) and Geneva Premium protocols, ensuring precision, longevity, and a genuine appearance. Experience dentures that harmonize aesthetics with functionality. 


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BPS Premium

BPS premium dentures set the benchmark for aesthetics, comfort, precision fit, and functionality. These dentures are crafted from top-tier materials and resist wear, chipping, and stains. Our innovative Ivocap injection system counteracts the usual shrinkage in traditional denture bases, ensuring an impeccable fit that amplifies comfort, speech clarity, and eating ease. 

Your Denture Journey: 

Assessment and planning: Understand your unique needs and outline expectations and costs based on your dental and medical history. 

Address foundational concerns, ensuring a solid base for your new dentures. 

Crafting process: We fine-tune every detail from initial impressions to final adjustments, ensuring a snug fit and aesthetic appeal. 

Trial and fitting: Test your new dentures for comfort and fit, making necessary adjustment. 

Maintenance guidance: Equip yourself with essential care tips, ensuring your dentures stand the test of time. 


At Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, we deliver dentures that fit and boost your comfort and confidence levels. 

Contact Us 

Ready to take the first step towards a confident smile? Contact Burke Mountain Denture Clinic today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to address your inquiries, schedule appointments, and guide you through the denture process.  

What Our Patients Say About Us

Great Job, Well Done

“I would like too make a shout out to Burke Mountain Denture. They have gone out of their way and beyond. During this pandemic they made my mother dentures! Such a great job, well done! These are precession dentures. She had surgery last year. Added bone as it was deteriorated over time. As the Dentures were never made correct in the first place. Let me just say this is the first time she has ever had the best fitting dentures ever. So this means that they have gone out of their way to make the precise job. I have never seen the Dentures to use measuring devices as I've seen him perform. You won't be well impressed with the Precision dentures that you will receive from Burke Mountain denture. All I can say is my mother is well well impressed with his overall outcome and she will definitely be back.”

-Jamie S.

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