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When you smile, do you long to see a full set of healthy, white teeth? If you’re dissatisfied with the teeth you see, getting dentures in Port Coquitlam may be what you need to improve your self-confidence and your appearance. Dentures can also help you speak more clearly, eat foods with ease and help prevent future issues in your jaw.

If you're interested in dentures, our Port Coquitlam denture clinic can help. Whether you need partial dentures for just a few missing teeth, immediate dentures after teeth extraction, or emergency denture care and repairs, Burke Mountain Denture Clinic offers the denture services you're looking for.

Free Estimates & Cleanings for New Patients

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Burke Mountain Denture Clinic is proud to offer new patients a money-saving special offer for dentures in Port Coquitlam! Schedule your first appointment with us and you’ll receive a free consultation, free professional cleaning and an anti-plaque coating. Normally these services would cost $90, but they can be yours for free by choosing Burke Mountain Denture Clinic!

We also provide services to residential care facilities and make home visitations

Our Services

Dentures can help you smile, chew, and communicate properly. You can access a variety of denture-related services at our denture clinic in Port Coquitlam, including:

  • Denture care and hygiene: examining your bite, discussing oral hygiene, making adjustments, etc.
  • Emergency denture repairs: fixing dentures as soon as a problem occurs.
  • Immediate dentures: inserting dentures immediately after removing teeth.
  • Implants over dentures: Either fixed or removable dentures upon implants. Implants are surgically placed by a dentist or an oral surgeon.
  • Partial dentures: replacing a lost tooth or lost teeth with dentures.

When you choose Burke Mountain Denture Clinic for your dentures in Port Coquitlam, you’re getting comprehensive care. Our denturist will talk to you about your expectations, dental hygiene, and denture needs before advising a course of action. Once a plan has been determined, we’re with you every step of the way to answer questions and reduce discomfort. To learn more about our individual services, browse each service page.

Our Denture Clinic in Port Coquitlam

We aim to make sure you know enough about your denture care to make an informed decision. Your denturist at the Burke Mountain Denture Clinic will talk to you about your options during your visit. You can also learn more about dentures on our "Denture Myths" page.

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment for denture cleanings, denture replacement, or you just want to learn more about dentures in Port Coquitlam, call us at 604-944-4910. You can also complete our online form to ask any questions.

Our denturist sees patients in his office as well as at residential care facilities. If needed, we can schedule evening, morning, and Saturday visits by appointment.

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6211-2850 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 6K5

Phone: 604-944-4910 || Email: bmdclinic@telus.net

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