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Immediate Dentures & Dental Prosthesis in Port Coquitlam

If you need to have some or all of your teeth extracted, immediate dentures are sometimes used to help make the denture transition process a little smoother for the patient. Burke Mountain Denture Clinic offers dental prosthesis in Port Coquitlam that will begin your denture transition with an immediate solution while your permanent dentures are made. An immediate denture is a dental device constructed to replace the lost teeth and associated structures of the upper and/or lower arch, and is inserted immediately following removal of your teeth. If you have experienced a recent tooth removal or would like a free consultation on immediate dentures in Port Coquitlam and the surrounding area, please contact us today. We’re available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about immediate dentures.

Advantages of Immediate Dentures

There are many known advantages for patients considering immediate dentures, including the following:


Patients can carry on both business and social obligations without interruption.

The immediate denture contributes to the physical health of the patient in the following ways:

  • Controls bleeding and swelling: the denture acts as a splint

  • Protects against trauma: lessens pain and prevents irritation from the outside environment and tongue

  • Promotes better ridge maintenance by avoiding excessive resorption

  • Prevents loss of muscle action and tissue tone

  • Maintains normal speech and tongue habits

  • Inter-jaw relations can be more accurately recorded and maintained

  • Prevents possible TMJ (Tempomandibular Joint) disorders

  • Improved speech and chewing: you should be able to function normally without disruption

  • Easily adjusted: your immediate dentures can be relined to improve their fit and function

  • No noticeable gap: you won’t have to walk around with a noticeable gap in your smile

Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures 

Although the advantages of immediate dentures exceed the disadvantages, they are not of such magnitude that the technical procedures can be overlooked. The primary disadvantages are:

  • More office visits required, especially during adjustment period

  • No opportunity to observe the anterior teeth at the try-in appointment, so the denture cannot be fully assessed until the insertion

  • Less accuracy in initial fit

What to Expect during the Process

First, we will make an impression of your teeth and your bite. Next, we will make a model of your teeth prior to the extraction, which will be used to create your immediate dentures. Once the immediate dentures have been made, we will extract your teeth and immediately insert the immediate dentures in their place. We will provide you with instructions for caring for your immediate dentures properly after the extraction – you will be asked not to remove them for at least 24 hours to curb any bleeding, swelling, and/or inflammation. (However, please be aware that some pain and soreness are expected, as is the case with any procedure.) We will then schedule a follow-up appointment with you to see if we need to make any adjustments to your immediate dentures. During the follow-up appointment, we will also show you how to properly put your dentures in and how to properly remove them.

Consultations for Immediate Dentures in Port Coquitlam

Want to know more about immediate dentures in Port Coquitlam? Contact Burke Mountain Denture Clinic to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if immediate dentures are the right fit for you today!

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