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The Advancement Of Dentures

a denturist working on dentures

For several years now, dentures have been used as replacements for missing teeth. Notably, in the past couple of years, we have seen significant evolution of denture design. Today, technological development has made dentures look more natural and feel more comfortable. At Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, we offer complete dentures, immediate dentures and partial dentures.

Suction Lower Dentures by Dr. Abe Dr. Jiro Abe from Japan introduced a concept of stability and suction for using full lower dentures. Dr. Abe’s concept has solved a recurring problem with suction; in case you need a full lower denture. There has been a recurring problem with suction which Dr. Abe’s concept solved by achieving operational suction which keeps the lower denture in place. The BPS® denture fabrication process ensures optimal success. Digital Dentures Getting digital dentures is much quicker than getting normal dentures. They promise a much quicker process as compared to normal dentures. With the help of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), denturists can now design and modify dentures according to the exact specifications of your teeth. The process begins with the denturist taking the impressions of your teeth and bite. This information is passed on to a lab where the dentures are constructed. From the data received, the lab makes digital dentures and the dentist makes necessary final adjustments before creating the device. After the approval, the lab makes the dentures. You have to visit your dentist just one more time to have the dentures set. The turnaround time is remarkably low when it comes to getting digital dentures. Also, the quality is reliable, and the dentures last for a long time. At Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, we make custom dentures to fit your mouth perfectly. Contact us for dentures today!


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