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My Dentures Are Giving Me Pain… What Now? –advice From Your Denture Clinic In Port Coquitlam

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For new denture wearers, some pain or oral discomfort is fairly common, especially when your oral muscles and gums are still getting accustomed to the new fixture inside your mouth. You may experience minor irritation, soreness, redness and pain for several weeks after getting a new set of teeth. However, these symptoms may also occur amongst the denture veterans who have been using their set for a long time.

There are several reasons why these issues occur:

  • Over a period of time, the changes in your jawbone’s shape may make your dentures loose or ill-fitting.

  • You may be suffering from bacterial infections due to poor denture hygiene. In this case, your symptoms may include isolated red areas, or white patches of yeast on the skin under your dentures.

  • You may be overusing or under using the dentures due to which your mouth has not adjusted to a proper fit. This mismatch makes them rub against the gums, causing sores or abrasions.

Don’t be alarmed if you experience any of these problems. The trained and experienced team at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, Inc. in Port Coquitlam is here to assist you. With years of experience in denture fitting and repairs, we can identify the causes of the pain and treat them accordingly. While you seek professional help, you may want to read up our suggestions on some quick fixes that can minimize your discomfort. Relieve Your Denture Pain with these Simple Solutions

  • Maintain a Denture Wear Routine: Wear your dentures through the day, but remove them at night. If you deviate from this routine, it may trigger gum tissue irritation due to overuse, or bone loss due to underuse. A disciplined wearing schedule will allow your mouth to get used to the new set of teeth and get a proper fit.

  • Ensure Proper Denture Care and Oral Hygiene: Poor denture hygiene can lead to the build-up of yeast or bacteria, in turn, causing irritation or pain. At night, remove and clean your dentures, and soak them in water to prevent them from drying out. Sanitize the roof of your mouth with a mouthwash and brush over your gums and remaining teeth. Use a pure botanical toothpaste to wipe out harmful bacteria and promote good oral hygiene.

  • Use an Adhesive: Typically, a well-fitted denture is held together by your tongue muscles and cheeks. However, if you have recently acquired your set of false teeth, your oral muscles may still be learning to do their job. In the meantime, the loose or slipping denture may be leaving you with sore gums. Consider using a denture adhesive till your oral muscles are able to properly hold the new fixture inside your mouth.

  • Try an Over-the-Counter Remedy: Get some instant relief from pain and soothe your irritated gums by using a topical gel or cream that is specifically made for oral issues.

  • Get Professional Help: Make an appointment with your denturist to determine the exact cause of your discomfort. If the pain is occurring due to ill-fitting dentures, an experienced professional will be able to make minor adjustments or reline or rebase your dentures. However, if your dentures have worn out completely, you may be advised to get new ones.

At Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, Inc. we offer holistic denture care services that cater to all your denture-related requirements. Our excellent facilities in Port Coquitlam feature an on-site laboratory where we can carry out minor adjustments, denture repairs, relining and rebasing, quickly and efficiently. Our friendly denturists will ensure your comfort and satisfaction, so that you have a full smile and a pain-free experience with your new set of teeth. Looking for a Port Coquitlam denture clinic to help with your denture care routine? Call us now at 604–944-4910. You may also fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We also serve Tri Cities, lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.


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