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Difference Between Standard And Precision Dentures

Dentures substitute your missing teeth and can be categorized based on the cost, quality of materials and durability. There are different types of dentures such as standard and precision dentures. Understanding the difference between these types of dentures will help you make an educated decision for your requirements. Get in touch with Burke Mountain Denture Clinic for complete precision, immediate and partial dentures services in Port Coquitlam.

Key Things to Consider Before Deciding Between Standard and Precision Dentures Standard Dentures They are the most popular and traditional types of dentures. Standard dentures last for several years with proper care. They are affordable and are customized to fit your mouth. Standard dentures should be replaced once they start to discolour. Some of the characteristics of standard dentures are:

  • Material

Standard dentures are made with materials such as acrylic. Hence, these dentures are more prone to abrasion and can be stained easily. Standard dentures are also available in limited shades, and they need to be replaced quite often, generally every five years.

  • More Adjustments

Standard dentures come in a standard size, so they have to be customized to meet your needs. These require far more adjustments as compared to precision dentures. You have to wear the dentures for a specific period and then ask your dentist to make modifications for the dentures to fit perfectly. Standard dentures are attached to the gums with suction, so chewing and speaking is often challenging. Precision Dentures These are designed to be an exact fit as compared to standard dentures. Precise measurements are taken to design a custom impression tray that fits your mouth, and this ensures the dentures are the right fit. Based on this impression tray, a second impression is designed by detailing your gums and surrounding tissues. These measurements are transferred to an instrument that resembles your jaw. With precision dentures, more appointments are required to get the right measurement of your jaw and gums. Additional measurements need to be taken for patients with Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ), or oral cavities. Some of the advantages of precision dentures are:

  • Last longer

Precision dentures last longer than standard dentures with proper care. They can last anywhere between five to eight years.

  • Comfort

Precision dentures are more comfortable and allow for natural movement when chewing, laughing or speaking.

  • Material

Precision dentures use durable material that gives your teeth a natural appearance. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and shades.

  • Compliment your Face

Precision dentures compliment your face and skin tone. Precision dentures are designed to enhance your smile.

  • Less Staining

These dentures do not stain easily as they are designed using high-quality materials. Burke Mountain Denture Clinic offers complete precision dentures in Port Coquitlam. We provide improved, enhanced function, increased durability and superior aesthetics to your precision dentures. We also offer immediate dentures, implants over dentures and partial dentures. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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