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A Few Signs That Indicate It Is Time To Replace Your Dentures

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Just like your natural teeth, the condition and performance of your dentures get affected with regular use and age. Like your teeth, dentures too have a life span. With time, they become prone to damages, and change in look and feel. Though a set of well made dentures fitted by a professional such as our Port Coquitlam denturist may last you for about six to seven years, this may not always be the case. Your dentures’ life span depends on your lifestyle and eating habits as well. It is, therefore, a good idea to visit your clinic regularly to assess the status of your dentures. A thorough examination will help your denturist identify subtle changes and offer suggestions for a good time to replace them to avoid discomfort later.

How Do Dentures Change with Time?

  • Weakens with Age –It is natural for people to lose tissue and bone density in the jaw as they grow old. Weakening jaw bones can loosen dentures. As dentures age, they may lose their strength too, forcing you to apply more pressure while chewing, making them susceptible to chipping and breaking. Your consultant at the Port Coquitlam denture clinic will be able to identify the changes and discuss with you ways to prolong their life.

  • Stains and Change in Color – Since they are made from acrylic resin, dentures are likely to lose their brightness and change color over a period of time. In addition, smoking and beverages such as coffee and tea leave stains, making them look unsightly.

  • Discomfort in Chewing Food – Your Port Coquitlam denture clinic will ensure that the dentures fit the contours of your mouth and you feel comfortable wearing them. Well fitted dentures make chewing easy and stress-free. However, when they start wearing out, its hard to chew food evenly, making the feeling uncomfortable on the gums. This may create discomfort and make you conscious of chewing in a social setting as well.

  • Loosens Grip– Though your dentures fitted snugly when you first got them, know that this will change after some time and you may feel the need to use glue. As the layers of adhesive increase, the space between the base of the dentures and your jaw gets cramped until you can no longer use the adhesive.

Consulting a specialist at a reputed denture clinic at Port Coquitlam is the first step to get well fitted dentures. Maintaining them is the second most important step. There are other denture caring steps to follow to enjoy more years of wearing ease:

  • Review oral hygiene care and schedule regular dental check-ups

  • Get your tissue and bone assessed

  • Have the structural integrity of your dentures checked

  • Have your dentures cleaned and polished by a specialist

You can delay denture replacement by following the instructions provided by your denture clinic. During your visits, the denturist will give tips to maintain them, assess changes, take care of chips and cracks as well as suggest a good time to replace them. Smile freely again! Don’t let your worn-out dentures hold you back from enjoying your life. Schedule your annual checkups at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic at Port Coquitlam today or call us now at 604–944-4910. You may also fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We also serve Tri Cities, lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.


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