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5 Tips For Good Denture Care

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Dentures or denture plants from a Port Coquitlam denture clinic are a fantastic restorative option for a smile that is missing one or more teeth. Dentures do an even better job of giving you a healthy, complete, and white smile if you take good care of them. From Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, a denture clinic in Port Coquitlam providing denture implants and dentures, here are 5 tips for practicing good denture care.

1) Clean your dentures every day Dentures need to be cleaned daily with a soft bristled toothbrush because, while they can't get cavities, bacteria can still settle on them. Don't use toothpaste, as most toothpastes are too abrasive. Simply give your dentures a gentle brushing and rinse them with water when you are done. Rinsing your dentures with water after every meal in order to flush away excess food particles, if you have the chance, is also a good idea. 2) Practise good oral hygiene On top of cleaning your dentures you want to make sure that you keep taking good care of your oral hygiene as well. Use a soft toothbrush on any remaining natural teeth, as well as on your gums, the inside of your cheeks, your gums, and your palate. You also need to continue to floss your natural teeth. 3) Be careful when handling your dentures Dentures can become broken or bent out of shape if dropped, so make sure that you handle your dentures with care whenever you are inserting them, removing them, or holding them for any other reason. One of the benefits of denture implants in Port Coquitlam is that they stay permanently in place and therefore don't need to be handled. 4) Take your dentures out and store them correctly while you sleep Regular dentures also need to be removed while you are sleeping, and should be kept submerged in the proper denture solution while you are not wearing them. Never keep your dentures simply lying out in the open, as they may warp or crack if they become too dry. 5) Visit your Port Coquitlam denture clinic on a regular basis The last but most important tip for denture care is to visit a Port Coquitlam denture clinic on a regular basis in order to have your dentures cleaned, examined, and adjusted if need be. Your oral structures can change shape over time, resulting in a poor denture fit. A poor denture fit, in turn, can result in discomfort and irritation. At Burke Mountain Denture Clinic we offer both dentures in Port Coquitlam and denture implants in Port Coquitlam. We can provide you with all of the denture care services you need, from making adjustments for a more comfortable fit, to performing emergency denture repairs. Best of all, new patients at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic receive not only a free consultation, but also a free cleaning and anti-plaque coating for their dentures. If you're looking for a Port Coquitlam denture clinic to help with your denture care routine, then schedule an appointment with Burke Mountain Denture Clinic today.


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