Denture Implants in Port Coquitlam

Have a Functional Smile Again with Denture Implants in Port Coquitlam

When gaps start to show up in people’s teeth, their first fear is that they may never smile confidently or chew comfortably again. However, if you get denture implants from a denture clinic, you can have a full, functional set of teeth that can help you to chew with comfort and smile with confidence once more.

If you want to restore your smile, visit Burke Mountain Denture Clinic. We can provide you with a few different prosthetic options, and each will help your mouth function like normal again. Denture implants in Port Coquitlam offer more stability than other denture options because they anchor directly into your jaw, which preserves your jaw's bone mass and helps your dentures stay securely in place.

About the Denture Implant Procedure

Unlike other prosthetics, denture implants will integrate with your jaw bone to form a solid foundation that functions more or less the same way as your natural teeth. This means your dentures won’t slip out while you’re eating or become loose during conversations. Installing your denture implants in Port Coquitlam will involve the following steps:

●  You will have your jaw examined, by either a dentist or oral surgeon, to ensure it can support

    implants and to determine if you are a viable candidate for the implant treatment option.

●  The dentist or oral surgeon will install a titanium implant in your jawbone and let it heal (on

    average three to six months), at which point the bone should form a solid base around the


●  Your dentist or oral surgeon will then uncover the implanted screw, upon which another

    component may be added to attach the denture to the implant at a later stage.

●  After you heal, you will return to have your denturist who will fabricate a full or partial denture to

    the implants in the mouth.

Once the implants have healed, they'll look and function more like your natural teeth. Denture implants help preserve your facial structure, and they don’t allow as much food to catch under your dentures. You will also have more bite force when chewing your food, because they are more securely anchored in your mouth, which means you can eat more foods with denture implants than other types of dentures.

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