Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a dental prosthesis constructed to replace the lost teeth and associated structures of the upper and/or lower arch and is inserted immediately following removal of the teeth.



Patients can carry on both business and social obligations without interruption.


The immediate complete denture contributes to the physical health of the patient in the following ways:

  • Controls bleeding and swelling – the denture acts as a splint
  • Protects against trauma – lessens pain and prevents irritation from the outside environment and tongue
  • Promotes better ridge maintenance by avoiding excessive resorbtion
  • Prevents loss of muscle action and tissue tone
  • Maintains normal speech and tongue habits
  • Interjaw relations can be more accurately recorded and maintained
  • Prevents possible TMJ (Tempomandibular Joint) disorders


Although the advantages of immediate dentures exceed the disadvantages, they are not of such magnitude that the technical procedures can be overlooked. The primary disadvantages are:

  • More office visits required, especially during adjustment period
  • No opportunity to observe the anterior teeth at the try-in appointment; therefore, the denture cannot be fully assessed until the insertion
  • Less accuracy in initial fit
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